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the Sun is a Wave & her Eyes are Lux


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[full album]  -  mellodust


Watching waves break away from the sunset.. thinking overboard in how to combine or represent the things that inspire..

freehand SWEL.png

measuring warmth, rawness and universal influence.. all with a weathered elegance but all in an attempt to feel whole.

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5. lux
4. where you are
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To let go of a moment in time..

styled with every element you’ve combined thus far..

mainly ‘cause there’s this untamed spark for what is new..

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2021-12-03 22_21_21 +0000.GIF

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Warmth of the Sun

Waves = universal influence

Eyes - filled with water

  • Lenticular shape

    • A cloud facing the wind

    • Weathered by waves to form elegant surface

      • Lens like

Lux[e] - measurement of

  • Light

  • high quality

  • luxury


‘The Sun is a Wave’ inspired by lyric original to Melanie Charles from ‘By My Side’

6. hold each other down
2021-12-03 21_50_33 +0000.GIF

an excerpt from

Fear and Loathing in las Vegas

- Hunter S. Thompson

1. ballad

The elements of one's surroundings will always play a role in the sound of the music and the design of the artwork. The artwork is a collage piece made up of the colors of the sunset, waves, seagulls, palm trees, and marine layer from the south bay. 


The water shaped into a mask was created prior to the pandemic which has now added new meaning to the piece. 

1. ballad

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